Board of Directors

All of our Board of Directors are volunteers.

Charles Paonessa, President

Charles is our resident guru for de-construction sites, having attended classes in California for deconstruction, and deconstructed homes. Charles has been in the construction business since 1972 and owns Dura Construction Company, which specializes in site-improvement construction—everything from simple home improvement projects to sophisticated underground work. The company also sells pavers, bricks, mulch, sand, gravel and other landscape supplies. Charles holds an associates degree in civil engineering from Hartford State Technical College and numerous professional licenses. On a personal note, a major portion of his own home is built from used building materials.

Liam Mitchell, Treasurer

Chad Thompson, Secretary

Chad Thompson has served on the ReCONNstruction Center’s Board of Directors since February 2009. Additionally, he serves his community as a Justice of the Peace and Notary Public while also an active member of the local political community in West Hartford where he resides. Chad is a self-employed technology consultant and volunteers his knowledge and time regularly for ReCONN and other not-for-profit organizations. Technology has been Chad’s passion since childhood and continues to be the focus of his career today.

Tim Parola, Director

Tim is a retired Mechanical Engineer who has spent most of his career working for automotive and aerospace suppliers. He was the past president of a local neighborhood organization (WHVision), participated in the West Hartford CTFastrak Transit Oriented Development Planning Committee and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Tim is an experienced motorcycle rider, an MSF/CONREP motorcycle instructor, president of his BMW motorcycle club and a member of the AMA and BMWMOA. As a homeowner, Tim has used his engineering background to work on almost every aspect of home construction.