Founder, John Powers and staff The original founders of the ReCONNstruction Center created this nonprofit organization in order to reduce the waste of natural resources through re-use of building materials. Selling the materials at very affordable prices allowed us to be a community resource and help owners and landlords maintain affordable housing stock. Learn more about what we sell. The ReCONNstruction Center operated for four and a half years supported by several grants and the proceeds from the materials sales. We were successful at reducing landfill waste, we met our mission, but we were not self supporting and doomed ultimately to fail.
Times are tough and we are determined to do more. We are taking it upon ourselves to be self sustaining and not be dependent upon foundation grants. We are modeling ourselves after other Re-Use type stores in the country which generate “profits” which are used to support other nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity. We make it possible for more people to support nonprofit organizations by donating unwanted building materials. ReCONN, acting as a materials clearinghouse, converts donated and salvaged items into charitable dollars.
As of November 2009, we began operating The ReCONNstruction more like a business, but with a generous heart. The Board of Directors have reduced the paid staff, and depends more on volunteers to make pick ups and to manage the store. We have expanded our marketing efforts to increase the source of donated materials and promote the “Green” ethic. We want to make ReCONN as popular as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.
With your continued enthusiastic patronage ensuring our financial success, we are now able to support other non profit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation and the New Britain Chapter of Rebuilding Together.